Monthly Archive: October 2013

Let The Walker Beat Go On




Clay Walker, abstract, mid-century and modern artist is continuing to meet expectations and then some.

When Perry Meyer first set eyes upon the works of Clay Walker, something clicked.  Muriel, Clay’s wife knew our connection was meant to be. That was in 2009.

As of September 2013, Meyer Fine Art has sold approximately 25 unique works that include paintings on canvas, paper, watercolors, ink and mixed media. In addition, numerous woodcuts, etchings and relief prints as well as one of two weavings by Walker have also been sold.

Last September we exhibited for the first time in ARTSD12 an art fair held in San Diego’s historic Balboa Park.  We sold 6 pieces, four of which were Clay Walkers. Our exposure from the fair brought many people into the gallery who subsequently purchased work by Clay and other artists.

In December 2012 the Toledo Museum purchased a 4’ x 11’, 5-color woodcut titled “Life with Christ”; one of only 3. Walker created this huge undertaking between 1951-1953. A second of the same piece was purchased by a private collector.

In September 2013 a new collector from Texas purchased two major oils on canvas; one was exhibited in the Toledo Museum Art show in 1958.

November-December 2011 the gallery participated in Pacific Standard Time, sponsored by the Getty Art Museum, with an exhibition entitled “West Coast Walker”. In conjunction with the show we published a catalog with a limited edition woodcut; all had remarks written by Muriel Walker. The catalog is now sold out.

We now have a U-tube on Clay Walker providing more insight to this artist and his work.


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